This unique 14-member saxophone orchestra by initiator and conductor Karl Veen is an ensemble where all types of saxophones are represented. The orchestra had a promotion function for the Center for Artistic Education “de Meldij” from Drachten and was founded around 1990. In the year 2000 the orchestra continued independently.

The majority of the members of the orchestra are advanced students, supplemented by a number of professionals and a single sax-addict. The line-up consists of, one sopranino, 3 soprano saxes (one of which occasionally plays soprillo), three alt- and three tenor saxes; two baritone and a bass saxophone and 1 Tubax. This plays a repertoire that runs from Bach to Queen, from Middle Ages to modern with works from around the world. The repertoire that is played is arranged almost exclusively for this ensemble by the conductor and saxophonist Karl Veen, who is connected to “de Meldij” as a teacher. In the 1980s, Karl Veen was a senior lecturer in saxophone at the conservatories of Enschede, Groningen and Leeuwarden.


KARL VEEN (1946) studied saxophone with Ed Bogaard. He studied in Groningen en Utrecht. He did the hafabra course and studied flute. In the 70’s and 80’s Karl Veen teached saxophone in the conservatoria of Enschede, Groningen and Leeuwarden. This orchestra was founded in 1990. He wanted to show the possiblities of the saxophone, his hobby. The orchestra had a promotional function for the School of Arts and Music “de Meldij” in Drachten (Nl).  In 2000 the orchestra continued independently. 

Nowadays Karl is an music teacher at the School of Music. In the past he held many workshops, studydays for saxophone and ensembles. He hopes to continue these activities long into the future. Karl arranges every type of music for saxophones, be it 2 saxophones or 268  saxophones. You can see that on the photo’s. Karl is also possessed by large saxophones, for example the Sub-contrabas, Tubax.  He is an specialist in saxophones and many people can appreciate that.

Saxophone Orchestra 2019

Rear row : 
Karl Veen, Femmy van Haitsma, Monique Dijkman, Jiska Blaakmeer, Sibbele Wijnia, Laura Dillingh, Wilma Hallema, Jeannet Boverhof, Bernadette Berends, Tanya Nowee, Bertine Meijer

Front row : 
Robert Blaakmeer, Leo Smid, Peter de Vries

The instruments:

1 Soprillo
1 Sopranino
3 Soprano Saxophones
3 Alto Saxophones
3 Tenor Saxophones
2 Baritone Saxophones
1 Tubax
1 Bass Saxophone